Training. I was lucky enough to be able to attend an interesting training last week. It was a good break from the normal day-to-day life in the office. I was mostly disconnected to my work being able to check my emails every break and being offline in IM. The training was Project Leadership in SAP/ERP Projects, but what I’ve learned can be applied in my life – not only in my projects. We discussed leadership, team formation, coaching and we even touched to some areas of consulting which was neat. I learned a lot and enjoyed my three days!

Ateneo Win. My training was from Wednesday until Friday last week, so I was not able to watch the Ateneo-UE finals game which Ateneo won! Some of my friends said that Ateneo deliberately threw the second game to be able to put more drama and I guess $$$ to the UAAP organizers. I am hoping this is false because I still believe that we don’t go to those kinds of means just for flare. Unfortunately, I did not go to the Bonfire this year because I was waiting for PBB to show the second batch of Housemates.

Rich. One of my friends in the office is in PBB! Go Rich! It’s truly very exciting, and I think it’s a once in a lifetime endeavor! I got to think if I was put in the same situation, will I join PBB? Most likely, no. I enjoy my private life too much to put them out in public. I want to be part of written history some day, but joining Big Brother is too much. There are other means to achieve that, and being scrutinized by media 24/7 is not one of those means for me. For Rich, good luck and stay strong!!!

Catching up with Gym. Because of the Ondoy and Pepeng typhoons that struck the Philippines, my routine got disrupted as well. It was difficult to adjust back to normalcy knowing that it’s not really entirely the same after the tragedies that happened to those folks and some of them are even close to me. It really hits home.For the shallow stuff, gym was deeply affected as well because Gold’s had to suspend the gym classes for 2 weekends and the weather was very uncooperative as well, and prudence won over so I did not gym. My body is still pretty sore from all the lifting and my endurance has been reduced to almost nil. It’s really hard to step up your game once again.


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