Opened Bag

Yesterday morning, I decided to go to the gym to lift some weights. It’s one of the suckiest things to do for me because it makes me tired at once, and stupid as it may sounds, they’re heavy. The last time I went to the gym was a year ago I think. When I started attending the Hi-Lo and Aero Step classes, I’ve changed my schedule around them – usually, in the afternoon or night. So, it was different for me already, but what made this experience extra-different is that my pouch containing my toiletries got stolen. It was actually careless of me to not check on my backpack. The walk from the bus station to the gym was around 5 minutes, and when I arrived near Gold’s, voila, back pack opened, with no pouch.

The first thing that I thought about was – how sad, they only got used soap and shampoo. Nothing really valuable in there, but the experience was something I have not experienced since my LV fiasco in SM Hypermart in North EDSA. Constant vigilance. Manila is not that safe.


One thought on “Opened Bag

  1. True true. I got held up (at knifepoint at that) a few weeks back, though I am so fortunate and blessed that nothing of value was taken from me. Pero yeah, constant vigilance.

    Incidences like these serve as a wake up call to us when we’re becoming too relaxed.

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