Search for Productivity

In my line of work, knowledge management is very important. I have a lot of information coming in, and people around me also expect a lot of output from my side. I’ve been a fan of David Allen’s Getting Things Done methodology, but I have not applied it yet in my life. Some of the concepts that he shared are things that I have done, but of course, you need the whole shebang to ensure that everything is out of mind, but still within sight. That’s the problem I have – I cannot find a way to list down all the activities, their projects and their statuses. David Allen’s book was catered for those who have physical filing systems, but as an IT knowledge worker, everything is in my PC. I’ve tried notepad, spreadsheets, and even Outlook categorization, but I just get overwhelmed by it.

I’ve stumbled in this blog entry via the trusty google. And he mentioned this tool called jello. I checked a quick start video and things are very promising. Maybe I can GTD this. Hopefully, I can commit to this and it will eventually get things done without stress.


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