Election Snapshot

If the elections were to be held today, I’ll vote for the following:

President – Gibo Teodoro

Vice President – BF


  1. Ana Theresia Baraquel – LP
  2. Rozzano Rufino Biazon – LP
  3. Pia Cayetano – NP
  4. Miriam Defensor Santiago – People’s Reform Party
  5. Teofisto Guingona III – LP
  6. Ramon Mitra – NP
  7. Sergio Osmeña III – Independent
  8. Gilbert Remulla – NP
  9. Adel Tamano – NP
  10. <abstain>
  11. <abstain>
  12. <abstain>

I haven’t really decided on this list thoroughly but this is the list of people that comes to mind at the moment who I think I can easily vouch for.


2 thoughts on “Election Snapshot

  1. Vote for Atty. Jo Imbong! She was our professor in loyola and she’s smart and honest and i have a feeling she can actually do something good for this country without being pressured by others. :D

    btw, i just discovered this blog of yours now. hehehe

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