2010 Goal Setting

When I was thinking of my 2009 goals, I said to myself, just be prepared for 2009. I did not want to take any risk, and as much as possible, I just wanted to save up and see how I can grow with the limited resources I have.

Financially, it was tough. I had to slash some expenses and had to do with the meager pay I receive to sustain the needs, and my wants. I had to suffer from some setbacks to be able to meet my financial goals, but there were unexpected forms of income that came about that helped me exceed my goals. One of the best strategies of the year is the Starbucks cut-down. I aimed 75 cups in 2009, and I am finishing the year with 71. That’s around 15K of savings on coffee. I was able to transfer this to dining out with friends and chit-chats in the office via the coffee maker.

Professionally, I had my jab in to new things – Project Management and People Management. These are two new roles that I’ve taken on and hopefully, I haven’t sucked on it yet. It was a challenge for me because I have a very short attention span, and doing all the PM documents is BORING. Balancing that with managing communication with the customer is the challenge because I’ve been swayed to one side all the time. I need to mix it but that’s a different take. People Management is quite different. I’ve declared before and until today, I do not want to be a Manager. It’s just something I do not see myself doing especially when the news is bad.

Personally, I feel that I’ve invested enough in what I have to be able to bridge what was thought to be a difficult year. I was able to take my longest vacations to date while in HP – 3 weeks! I was able to go trips that helped me enjoy the year even with the financial crunch. Like I said, I was able to get some things I want. I was able to try a lot of interesting places to eat and went to beautiful places that are treasures. One of the things I aimed to do was to be able to watch over 50 movies. I have watched 45 movies so far. On the flip side, there were some disconnections in some of my relations that put things into perspective and what I think of 2010. Things change. People change. Sometimes, not for the better, but for the worse.

So, what now for 2010? That’s a tough question to answer, but one thing I am sure at the moment is that there will be change. 2010 should be a year of change as it ushers new things not only for our country, but for myself. It will be my 5th year in HP, and I will be 27 by this year. The upcoming elections will prove to be interesting and maybe I can actively participate on this one.

2009 was a year of uncertainty because the environment was unstable and down and our choices became limited. Personally, I think 2010 should be more uncertain because as the world stabilizes, you are given more choices compared to the previous year. Financially, I have to continue being careful with my spending and give more emphasis on savings and needs. This should give me the necessary resources to be able to have more options in terms of investments. On the professional side, I just want to mellow and see where things lead me. I’ve enjoyed career growth for the past 4 years, but maybe I should just sit back and enjoy it while I weigh my choices and see what opportunities appear. Finally, on the personal level, I should focus more on this. I should invest in more personal development and build stronger and more reliable networks.

Like I said, 2010 for me should be more uncertain because of the potential amount of changes that can happen.


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