The Rebound

After watching Up in the Air, I needed a no-brainer movie that will not evoke any thoughts from me. Kathy volunteered The Rebound, one of those May-December romance movies starring Catherine Zeta-Jones and Justin Bartha. I thought it was good enough to not keep me thinking (I needed to stop thinking about the purpose of my life and all that jazz), and just feel gooey from a light romantic movie. One word ā€“ fail.

The onscreen chemistry between Zeta-Jones and Bartha is lackluster. Maybe because I cannot relate to their characters or I’m not in the best mental frame then, but I already got bored after 20 minutes and the feeling stayed on. The only moment I enjoyed was the closing scene. How sad is that ā€“ endure the whole movie for one scene that makes you gush.

I can’t believe that Catherine Zeta-Jones is 40! She’s still extremely beautiful with no sign of aging at all. She can pull of early to mid 30s! Wow! I’m amazed.


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