Writer’s Block: Forgiveness

Usually, I try to answer the Writer’s Block feature of Livejournal. It posts various questions that can range from religion to politics. It can be shallow, or deep but it makes you think and you get to put down thoughts into writing. Since I’ve moved to WordPress, the direct feature is not available anymore. Well, that changes today and I’ll just copy the WB question and respond here.

Is it possible to forgive and forget a serious betrayal by a loved one? Can you ever move completely beyond or does the incident remain buried just beneath the surface?

Personally, I do not think I can move past a serious betrayal especially by a loved one. Mainly because it would be the last thing that I can think of about a really close friend. One of my friends back in school did just that and even until now, I cannot forgive him. The circumstance of the event might be moot right now, but the fact that he was able to do is the thing that I cannot let go. It was categorically wrong at all levels and I cannot forgive him at all. I cannot absolve him of that crime. I just cannot move past it. I just enjoy the fact that my life does not depend on him.


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