Before I Go Home

I am still in the office just wrapping up things needed for work. But, before I leave the office, I just *have* to offer a space to Kathy who will be leaving our team to another account.

I could say that Kathy is one of my closest friends who I’ve known for around 4 years now. I still remember that I first met her in the Ateneo Job Fair where we were manning in the HP booth. I can never forget that because of a few things. One, the area was muddy near the Eliazo/Cervini dormitories, and two, Kathy and I were the only ones in business attire while the others were in casual clothes. I don’t know who whispered to who but we had the same thought – buti pa sila naka-maong at sneakers. And we agreed that life was unfair then. Already had one thought. Fast-forward to September 2006 and she became my Project Manager. Of course, she forgot about that instance and I had to point out to her the circumstance that easily jogged her memory. And, the rest is history.

So for 4 years, I’ve known her, I’ve seen her in her good and bad moments. What was brilliant about things was that we were usually in the same page. We had the same thoughts on most things and issues, and sometimes, it even felt like someone was just voice one others thoughts. It was freaky to some extent but I felt more comfortable to know that someone understands and thinks the same. That’s one of the biggest things that I would miss. To be able to share an interests and have the same set of ideas and beliefs (but not all!). We can just sit comfortably in a Starbucks branch with our cake (bought there or elsewhere) talking about anything under the sun. It was bliss. The perfect stress reliever and escape to the realities of life!

Overall, I feel extremely happy because it’s something new for her. It’s going to challenge her and bring her to new places and experiences. Even if her departure will leave a big gaping hole in my life, I know that it will make her happier and driven in life. They did say that being happy for someone that you treasure even if it pains you is love. And I only have love for Kathy.

So, good luck and enjoy this new adventure! You can call me up any time especially when Mr. ******* arrives in your life so I can slap you if needed.


One thought on “Before I Go Home

  1. *goes to corner and cries… again*

    sabi mo naman earlier i’ll see you diba?!?!?!?!???! enough na ang tears, yung inipon ko for 20+ years nalabas lahat sa 3 araw. char.

    love you ry!!!! see you soon!!!! :D

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