Alice and Wonderland 3D (2010)

Thanks to Ralph, I got a free pass to watch Alice and Wonderland 3D. Watching movies nowadays is really expensive so it’s really important to be selective of what you watch, or in this case, ensure that you won’t pay anything. The movie has Tim Burton all over it. You have your staple Alan Rickman, Johnny Depp and of course, Helena Bonham Carter. It was a visual twist with a dreary sense of humor. Very Burton. Overall, it was well-crafted but it was just too weird for me. Oh wait, Alice and Wonderland should be weird.

So, bravo?


One thought on “Alice and Wonderland 3D (2010)

  1. I was really disappointed in Alice and Wonderland 3D after seeing Avatar 3D. I went into it expected at least as good of a 3D experience but was REALLY disappointed. Especially the fast paced scenes and how blury they were. I came out of the movie with a bad headache and I really hope they don’t screw this up in the future releases this bad or I will be really upset.

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