Annoyed at PLDT

PLDT Customer Service sucks big time. Their call center is not helpful at all wherein they cannot provide answers to my questions and it seriously pissed me off.

Background. They migrated our area to NGN a few months ago, and due to that, there was a ghost expense charged to my account. I have called, and visited PLDT to have it resolved considering that it was their fault to charge me incorrectly. A few weeks ago, they were *finally* able to pinpoint the issue – system migration issue when our area was migrated to NGN. I followed up every few days after that because I want to downgrade my account to 999. So earlier, I was really getting annoyed with the empty words that they were giving me.

I asked pointblank when I expect to have this Service Order completed. The CSR said that they do not have control and it’s company-initiated and system generated. I was like, WHAT?! I explained my case, but it’s like she does not know what I was talking about and stuck with her line which was “no timeframe because it’s company-initiated and system generated.” Being part of an IT service company, it was pretty unacceptable because for one, you do not tell your customer how helpless you are on an issue that your company has caused. I don’t see any accountability or proper customer service to help me out in my issue. They just told me to wait it out and get a call. And note that they cannot give any timeframe so the call can come later, tomorrow, next week, next month or even next year. And to top it off, I cannot do any downgrades because of a pending Service Order! So, I have to wait them out and still shell out more money to a problem I did not cause in the first place.

If PLDT is reading this, I think you need to do better service management. You do not know what you are doing at all.


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