In one of my group of friends, I have not seen two of them for ages – Trisha who flew to Melbourne to pursue further studies, but ended up settling there and finding an Italian boy, and Robby who got intensely immersed in Med School. It was great to reconnect!

It’s uncanny that even after years of not seeing each other (case of Trisha only), it was very easy to just dive in and have great conversations with them. I did not feel that I last saw her in 2007 and from those 3 years, we all grew up and changed drastically. Even with changes, we still cherished the same things that made us all friends and it felt wonderful that the changes that we’ve all experienced did not hamper our ties.

I hoped that all friendships that I shared are all like that. Admittedly, there were some changes in me that pose as deal breakers in ever regaining lost and forgotten friendships. I’m just happy that those that I do enjoy now are kept at that – happy.


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