So electric

Chuvaness posted a very interesting entry. It looked into the power crisis trickling down to us consumers. It has become depressing to see my electric bills as well since we have reduced our consumption being sensitive to the on-going power crisis. This is pretty difficult considering that the heat has become unbearable at home. I have not used my work from home privileges because it’s just more cost-effective to go to the office (on-going aircon), than open our aircon. My thinking is that even if I open or decide against opening my aircon at home, our office units will continue to run. So, it’s best to just go to the office.

It’s also good that there are no more children at home who are more sensitive to this sweltering heat. My parents are usually out as well. Nett, our consumption really went down but the surprise is that our bill still went up. So, the problem now is that the power rates are up, even if you consume less so it’s more expensive! I do not understand how we can all withstand the monopoly of our power providers. Chuvaness is correct that electricity is not like our cell phone or cable providers where we can just have it disconnected and we can still survive comfortably. Electricity is a necessity.

The government needs to lend a hand and control this. I echo the same prayer of Chuvaness, hopefully, the next government will make a stand against these power generators and find ways to reduce this. I still do not find it acceptable that we have the 3rd highest power generation cost in Asia. That is already grave abuse.


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