RIP: Bernard Cabading

I just got news that one of my best friends in LSGH passed away. It was very sudden and unexpected. I never imagined that something like this can hit so close to home.

Bernard has been my friend since Grade 3 in LSGH where we were team mates in a volleyball org. I remember him as one of the nicest persons in the world who looked at the world with innocent eyes. We usually tease him because he was very gullible, and childlike. Something that I will forever remember. Throughout the years, we’ve experienced an array of experiences that are mostly happy, but there were also dark moments that tested our friendship. I remember going to his house on Dec 31 of every year until they left to the US because it was his birthday. We would play games in the computer, or volleyball on the streets. I remember we got into a physical fight in front of Gate 1 where all the cars passing by Ortigas Avenue surely saw us “getting it on”. However, we learned to move past petty arguments and disagreements. Our friendship endured even when he moved to the US. I knew that the depth was not the same as we traversed different paths in life, but what cannot be changed is that we had shared experiences that made us who we are today. We supported each other when we were racked with intrigues, and heartaches. We shared loads of laughter on mundane things that revolved our lives. We had a friendship that was based on trust, and faith with one another.

I feel for his mom, Tita Meena, as well who has been there unwavering after all the years. She has showed unconditional love to her only child even if Bam has chosen wrong choices in life, and celebrated with all of us for our successes. I cannot imagine the emotional turmoil that she is experiencing right now because parents should not live past their children. There should be a natural law on that. I wish the distance between here and the States is not that great so I can extend a tight embrace and ensure that she survives this ordeal with people she can depend on.

Bernard, wherever you are, you are loved and you will always be remembered. ‘Til we meet again.


2 thoughts on “RIP: Bernard Cabading

  1. Hi, I found your blog by doing a search of Bernard on Google. I’m Bernard’s cousin, you probably don’t know me, but I’m sure we’ve seen each other during one of his birthday parties when he was still in the Philippines. I think I remember him mentioning you a couple of times whenever he talked about his friends. I’m sure you were pretty close. I only found out about his death this morning (I haven’t been able to access the internet since last Sunday.) I’m very sad about what happened, and I’m sure his friends are too. We talked to Tita Meenah this morning and she’s devastated of course, we’re all doing what we can to support her during this time. All we can do now for Bernard is pray for his soul and hope that he’s in a happier place.

  2. Grabe mamimiss ko si mare! Hay naku, really can’t get over sa nangyari. Though I and Bam haven’t had the chance to talk face to face before he passed away, nevertheless I will ceaselessly treasure the friendship that he and I shared.

    I’ll always remember his ways of expressing himself, uttering words “huy anu bah” while stomping his feet. Or by the way he acts when his crush is around the corner. Also can’t help but reminisce his blue Havoc pants and Cocaine Shirt that he would wear whenever we go to Galle. There are far too many good memories that it is too painful to even think about it, knowing he is gone. Mare I’ll miss you, may you rest in peace.

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