Why I’m Rooting for Noynoy…

For so long, Noynoy was never on the top of the list. I think I share the most sentiments of my friends; he had no experience at all in governance. The problem with it is that his record is like Obama’s, too clean to pinpoint any dirt, or too clean to see if there’s really something good that he can do. In the realm of the executive, he is definitely a neophyte.

I was musing a few days ago and realized historical parallel. In 1986, Cory Aquino was overwhelmingly elected as President of the country. She had no experience, but all she had was a drive to remove Marcos from the presidency, and to start anew. Was it the best time of our history? We had potential, but there were loads of coup de etats that eradicated all the seeds of trust planted by foreign partners. Flashforward to now, we have Arroyo exiting the presidency, but entering Congress once again. Most likely, she will be Speaker with how things are going. Painful as it sounds, we might need to do repeat of history and have another Aquino ensure that we keep or minimize evil from the center. We need someone who wants a shift from a corrupt mindset to that of accountability. We need to minimize the same set of people surrounding the Arroyo governance from public office. We need change.

I strongly believe that the next President will once again be a transitionary president – like Cory. Congress will definitely push to change the Constitution, and we would need somebody who has the capacity to stand firm on his principles and to protect the Philippines from opportunistic men and women who will do anything for a bigger piece of power.

Noynoy, good luck on the elections. I hope that when you get cheated, you still have the numbers to come out as victorious.


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