Post election thoughts…

One of the most important elections in our history has finally been completed. I was expecting a worst-case scenario during the elections mainly due to the poor handling of the automated elections by COMELEC. Surprise of all surprises, it was relatively smooth and we have the fastest results in Philippine history. Who would have thought that we can actually do it. There were a lot of birth pains and things that could have been avoided, but what’s done is done. We have a very good turnout.

Even if I’m in Strasbourg, the Pinoy group here has been vigilant in ensuring that we still know what’s happening. It was exciting to see the exercise going on, but there was also a flash of sadness since we are just spectators. Oh well, such is the life and hopefully by 2013, I can finally vote in a major election once again.

Now, to the results – a HUGE mandate for Noynoy and I’m ecstatic. A lot were surprised by the strong support that Erap Estrada has been receiving. He’s #2! Who would have thought? After all the 2000 brouhaha, people are still willing to give him a chance. Amazing.

The vice presidential race is exciting – Binay vs Roxas. I blogged before that if I could vote, I’d vote for Binay. Roxas does not really settle with me. There’s just something fake about him. But I digress. The lead of Binay is something unbelievable. Who would have thought that he’s gonna be leading the race, with Mar at a close 2nd and Loren at a distant 3rd. It’s just unheard of a few months ago. The wonders of an Escudero endorsement and a lot of sister cities!

Finally, the senatorial race. I feel abhorrence with the fact that BONG REVILLA is actually leading the senatorial race and Lito Lapid has won. There’s just something wrong with that. I still hope that Hontiveros can crack the Top 12. Crossing my fingers.

It was a good fight everyone. Til the next campaign season in 2013!


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