I AMsterdam.

I never thought that the city that I will fall in love with is Amsterdam. Some of my friends know that I am not too fond of multi-cultural cities because I think it degrades the culture, and entity of the location. It becomes a mixture of various culture and you lose the identity of the place. However, I was surprised that Amsterdam is not this way. It has retained its identity and its ultraliberal ways that has spun me around and has drugged me to love this beautiful city.

For the 2 nights I have stayed there, I have been immersed with a lot of picturesque images because of the sheer beauty of its architecture, people and ways of life! There’s just so much to see and 2 days are just not enough. It deserves a lifetime of exploring the sights, sounds and stories behind the canals, roads, and bike paths.

I will come back. This I promise!


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