Retour (fr.)

After 2 months of being away from Manila, I am back! Jetlag seems to be trying to wreck havoc with my sleeping patterns, and I hope that it won’t take weeks like the time I had to endure working from NA. I am not yet sure if I should watch the ARG-MEX game. I am testing myself with the long ride from Amsterdam to Manila (13 hours) already, but sleep has not seeped in.

One of the biggest tests that I felt that I succeeded is living independently. 2 months is the longest time that I have been out of the country; away from my family. It has been liberating to be able to plan things on your own and do things without any care at all since you are living alone. On the flipside, you really feel the eerie silence of solitude that envelops your lull time. But, I survived. One of the key things that has become my ally and my opponent is knowing the fact that it’s just 2 months. You feel less attached to the place you are in because it is not home. You feel relieved that there’s an endpoint of this chapter in your life, and you are bound to return to your home. For now, this test has taught me lessons on self-sufficiency and also embracing solitude. There will be more things coming up, so I need to brace myself for sure.

Later, I will be back on the office and back to the daily grind of work here in Manila. I am not sure how much have changed, but I am optimistic that in the greater schemes of things, 2 months is just merely a speck.


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