Changes can be either necessary or unnecessary. That’s what I’ve noticed based on the changes that have happened in my professional and personal life. When I was still fresh out of college and new with work, it was very difficult to accept the bitter pill of change. One of the most striking words I got regarding change came from our leader then. He said something like, an organization that has no change is stagnant and not growing at all. For me, it makes sense and gave me an easier time of accepting any form of change in my life.

Regardless if change is necessary or unnecessary, it removes you from your comfort zone and it puts you in a situation where you are forced to also change. It can be a change of point of view, or a change of disposition. It challenges you and you realize that you can perform things on a different level. It shakes things up mixing a new breed of ideas, opinions and to some extent, direction.

Change can be good, but one thing is for sure – it is a pain in the ass.


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