New things!

Sometimes, I am amazed with the things I learn just from trying to reach a goal. In one of our GGX classes, the teacher used this very fast Mamma Mia track that I cannot find in the usual places where I get my music. I’ve finally found it in iTunes but my credits have been diminished since I haven’t flown to the US for quite some time (let’s say 3 years).

I originally planned to buy it from Amazon and have an iTunes gift card shipped to my friend’s house in New York. For Amazon thought, it puts a 1.99 shipping and handling fee. My EQ failed me so I opted to just buy it from Maximus where it adds 2.99 – it was just a dollar difference and I already get my code ASAP. After my purchase, I shared the news to my friend Miguel who told me if I used EntroPay. I said no and I read more information about EntroPay. It creates a virtual VISA account with an US address which you can load to and it just adds a 5% cost. So 15 USD load is a 15.75 in your credit card bill. It’s cheaper!

I’ve learned 3 ways on how I can pay for iTunes credit, and I got Mamma Mia in steroids loaded in my iPod! Amazing.


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