Shutter Island

After watching Nolan’s Inception (which I love!), I’ve read in some site that DiCaprio has done it again with a twisted ending that will leave the audience bonkers. I can’t remember the actual site where I got it, but the film mentioned was Shutter Island by Scorsese. I have never been a fan of Scorsese or DiCaprio, but I was curious. I was able to get a copy a few weeks ago, but it’s the only time that I got to watch it. And, yes, it’s one of those movies that will make you think in the end, and will leave you wanting to review the whole movie to really see if everything makes sense.

(SPOILERS included) Personally, I see both films as creating new “realities” over what is real. In both movies, DiCaprio’s mind created different realms of fantasies where one can own it as reality. Shutter Island’s Laeddis would try to bury what was real, while Inception‘s Cobb has his subconscious running after him due to an unforgivable act from the past. I like both themes presented and it does post a very valid question — if given the chance, would you rather live a “reality” where you are good, and in a rosy way, or get the real dose of reality where you live as a monster and in destitute? It brings back a Buffy, the Vampire Slayer episode where she was committed in the “real world” because she said she fights vampires, and at the end of episode, she chose living the Buffy world (it’s your pick on which reality is real for her).

So yes, Laeddis/Daniels presented a good question — which would be worse, to live as a monster or die as a good man?


One thought on “Shutter Island

  1. Well said!! I just watched Inception this weekend and my sister and I left the cinema saying, “This is Shutter Island all over again!” and we ended up discussing Inception the whole night, just like when we watched Shutter Island. I like Inception better though. Shutter Island was too freaky for me.

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