Sort of Schadenfreude

There are some people who you think they deserve what they are getting – be it good or bad. Of course, we want to celebrate the good things. Celebrating the bad things is still quite taboo though, but even if you do not show it outright, you may be thrilled about it. In your head, you are doing somersaults and twists in joy.

On the flipside, there are people who you think DO NOT deserve what they are getting – be it good or bad. We lament that they do not get what they receive, and we are forced to be happy in their accolades.

I’ve felt all 4 waves of emotions and it’s pretty difficult to manage them except being happy to those who deserve it. For others, since it’s taboo, and you do not want to be branded as a social psychopath – you swallow the bitter pill and try to empathize with them in their joys and cries. You even go to the extent and think – the world is friggin’ unfair. This validates my notion that the world is just an object not caring of its inhabitants and in the end, our lives are driven by our choices. If you get good things (deserved/undeserved), be thankful. With the bad things, brace yourself and hope to survive with little damage.


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