The Impulse Ray Gun

At my age, it’s funny that I am still not used to impulsive behavior of other people. I am not even saying that I am not impulsive because I have my bad days especially if it’s the time where I am extremely indecisive. However, I still try to give advance notice to people and not just change it on the whim especially if I know that I will affect his/her plans. For other people though, my patience usually runs dry faster due to change of plans, or last minute cancellations. I find it unnecessary stress that I do not even deserve at all. Like most things, I get over it. I just sleep it off and I should be good to go next time.

My question next – when should I learn to not put too much faith on some people and expect less of them? I know it does not sound good at all, but the trigger happy guy with the “Impulse Ray Gun” should not be valued at all because it takes something out from you.


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