My last blog was made on a Monday and I shared how I feel weaker as compared to any normal day. If I’d rank those days, Fridays come next because all the feelings and fatigue would pile up and on Friday, the last working day, you’d feel everything because the next day, you know you can rest it and relax a bit. Even though I feel tired on a Friday, it’s also one of the brighter days – the next day is Saturday!

This week felt better as compared to last week. The work hours are still gruesome (12 hours in the office), but it became more bearable, and reachable. The next step should be to stabilize, build processes and just focus on the goal.

On another note, Kathy and I attempted to go to the hush-hush (?) Adidas sale in the Robinson’s Equitable Building last Wednesday. It was an EPIC FAIL! We arrived there around 10 and we were already 159! The queue was long and unorganized. It was hot in the lobby. And, we were not able to look at the goods because we just decided that we’ll try to improve our gym clothes elsewhere. The long nights (sleeping at 3AM) and waking up early (9AM) is really getting to me. <sighs>

Need to manage the to-do list and get things done! Give me one more week and October should be a breeze (I hope!).


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