When faced with pressure and intense desire, you take drastic actions. You try to inject action either to manage the problem or to further achieve your goal. Unfortunately, most of these actions have collateral damage- some intended and some unintentional. But the actions are still triggered due to a cause to achieve certain result.

Enough of this musing and I’ll just use the space for rants and raves. I feel extra tired right now that I am thinking really hard if I should hit the gym. I just want to stay in bed and play with my new toy. Speaking of the toy, due to some impulsive urges and supportive friends and circumstances, I ended up getting an iPod Touch! Typing on a touch screen is pretty tough. And like I told my friend, my iPod is already like a crime scene due to the amount of fingers prints. There are no available accessories yet here. Oh well, c’est la vie!

Still in bed. Still thinking if I should go the gym. Stay tune.


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