There are things that just happen very quick. It surprises you that it can happen at a speed you do not expect. Once the dust settles, you pause and try to discern what the hell just happened and you use this to create a more crafted decision.

I was never good at decision making. I try to overanalyze things that I know and things that I think I missed. I’m just fortunate that most decisions I have made have been pretty good. I have also made poor decisions but they were not unsalvageable albeit regrettable for some.

Doing project management has been a good opportunity to practice decision making with things you know and the big unknown. That’s one of the things I like about my work – how you can steer things with calculated decisions and plans.

It has been a good tool as well with personal choices and life changing decisions. Just hoping that the unknown will be fair to me. Thanks for tomorrow.


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