Cannot Wait

When I ended 2009, I made my 2010 goals to be pretty simple –

  • Financially: have unnecessary spending controlled
  • Professionally: mellow with work
  • Personally: focus in personal development and stronger/reliable networks

I was only somewhat successful with bullet #1. I think bullet #2 is an epic fail (so stressed with work) and bullet #3 is almost a dud (what personal life?). I thought, why? It seems to be a no brainer, then I realized a big contributing factor for missing those 2 points – 2010 has been a change-filled year. There were uncertainties throughout the year because there were a lot of transitions happening in the world and in my personal life. We had elections. We got out of recession. I worked in a different account and went back to SAP consultancy (and returned back to PMing). At the same time, there were also new opportunities that came up. During that time, they were just too good to lose. I grabbed some of them and they have taught me really well. It was very humbling.

So now, it’s October. 2 more months and 2010 will be ending. I’m happy about that fact because 2010 has been good to me in some areas, but it did not really brought any good in the long run. I just want to fast-forward to 2011 and start something new already.

I became too complacent. I need to constantly remind myself that time will not stop for you. Whatever happens, 2011 will be my 28th year of existence. I am moving forward, and there’s no other way but through that direction. I need to embrace it and see where it will bring me. Only time will tell.


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