Time Flies

Let me throw a cliché statement – time flies. I was really surprised earlier when I checked the calendar and realized that November is coming in a few days! That means a new fiscal year at work and it also signals the end of 2010.

One of my pet peeves is to create new archive files for email every start of the fiscal year so I can easily note down what’s relevant for that specific year. It also makes me more aware of what needs to be closed within the previous fiscal year and note what needs to continue on. It brings a transition period of sorts that makes you manage things easier and it puts things in good perspective.

On the other hand, for every calendar year end, I try to look back on what happened and try to assess how I should move forward in 2011. So, as the year 2010 crawls closer to Dec 31, I’ll be putting some yearend musings, surveys and goals. I was never a person of new year’s resolution but I like to put personal goals that I hope to achieve within the next year. It gives me a sense of purpose on why I do certain things and it gives value on the outcome and/or outputs I create (I suffer from ennui a lot of times). Usually, I achieve them – either serendipitously or deliberately – but there are things that I just shrug off as a miss for the year. No performance measure there, but it makes me think further why I was not able to achieve it and frames things into perspective once again.

You see, I do a lot of introspection when November comes. I like to step back a bit and try to see what has happened and what should happen next. The flipside is that I scrutinize and/or analyze things too much and I lose focus on the joys of life – something Dan and I usually have discuss about. I’ll just see what kinds of thoughts come when I start plotting down what’s gonna happen in 2011. That part excites me because it will push me to do things that I usually don’t.


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