X Factor Results

taken from http://www.unrealitytv.co.uk


To those who are following UK’s The X Factor, the result may come as a surprise. I’ve thought that Aiden was one of the favorites who’ll have a longer stay in the singing competition — over Paije, Katie, Wagner. But, lo and behold, he has been eliminated after a Deadlock vote with Katie Waissel! These judges are nuts sometimes and they just live off Katie’s drama! Aiden is the better one versus Katie by a mile. Another surprise for me is that Paije Richardson has outlasted Aiden. Most of the things I’ve read is that Paije was just a filler for Danii’s boys. What a surprise?! That’s why I love The X Factor over American Idol. There’s another variable they’ve thrown in and you just don’t know how it will sway — will the judges agree to oust a contender, or will it be the public who will ultimately decide?

Next week, please remove Wagner. He annoys the hell out of me. And go Rebecca, One Direction and Matt!


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