The Mid Break

One of the influences of the Arroyo administration is the concept of Holiday Economics. During her long reign as Queen President, she moved non-religious holidays that fall in the middle to the nearest Monday. For example, Bonifacio Day (Nov 30) will fall on a Tuesday, but due to Holiday Economics, the holiday has been moved to the nearest Monday, Nov 29. This created a long weekend that have prompted people to go on vacations to utilize the additional day off. PNoy was heard to be against the idea of it due to its effects to people’s productivity, but it seems that the popular voice is louder and the people got its wish. Case in point, November 29 is a public holiday in lieu of November 30.

Yesterday however was different. The Philippines had a holiday to celebrate Eid al-Adha, one of the 2 Muslim holidays declared by the Philippines. Since it’s religious in nature, it was immovable and we had a Tuesday holiday. I can’t believe that I miss it extremely. It’s just different to have an interruption within the week that just gives you breathing space. It felt like a pit stop in a long drive. It was refreshing!

Holiday economics? Naah. I still prefer my interruptions in the middle of the week. I like the short pit stops rather than have a grand holiday. And, if I want to have a nice vacation, I’m just going to use my leaves!


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