Day Off

Last Tuesday was a “national break”. It was a holiday in the Philippines which is pretty good break. Today though is more of a day off for me. I just needed a break to enjoy the mundane things and not take the world too seriously. I think that’s something that I need to start changing and have some interruptions in the daily grind.

There were 3 things that I wanted to accomplish

  1. Eat at Wee Nam Kee
  2. Watch Harry Potter 7
  3. Renew my license

Wee Nam Kee has been interesting. I discovered it in Singapore near the Novena Church. My favorite has always been Roasted Chicken Rice. So, when Wee Nam Kee arrived in Manila, it was one of the things that I want to do early on. Kathy and I arrived at 11AM and it was a good time to go there because they just opened, meaning, no lines! However, we had to wait for around 30 minutes because roasted chicken was not yet available. Most items in the menu were not available – no dimsum, no dom yiou.  :-( We just ordered cereal prawns for appetizers. I did not eat so much because of my seafood dislike.

Cereal Prawn from Wee Nam Kee

Fastforward to the main purpose of the visit — Roast chicken rice! It’s like I was transported back to Singapore! The taste is still similar to the Singaporean version. The serving is smaller though and quite pricier. Maybe because of the location (Ayala Triangle). I left Wee Nam Kee satisfying both my curiosity and craving. But I had to find another fix to satisfy my hunger. Still, I’m willing to return and have another go at it!

Roast Chicken Rice from Wee Nam Kee

Discovery! The Ayala Triangle Gardens area is just filled with great food finds! Kanin Club, Banapple, Omekasi, Laudico’s BFAST,  Bon Chon Chicken, Golden Spoon (I don’t eat yogurt!), Amici, Coffee Bean, and more I think. How I wish that I work in RS once again! Food trips galore!

Harry Potter watching will be later on so I don’t have an opinion yet on that. Renewing my license will be deferred to a different date. Things just became too unorganized and opted to study. I’m still stuck at Integration Management (Chapter 4) so I need to catch some hours to get out of this one.

So far, I like my day off. I need to plan another one. :-)


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