Be Happy.

Two friends have told me directly — be happy. Let go of the things and practically do not care. I don’t know if it’s the ISTJ in me because it has been a big effort to just let go of things that bother me. The problem is that I think I can do something, or I need to tell someone that it’s a problem. However, I get frustrated if I don’t get the support needed and it really affects me so much. I feel helpless; not under control. Another frustration that bothers me is that I feel that I’m doing something that I should not be doing at all. I tell other people that it’s a problem, but the action to fix it is still with me. I am so sure that it should not be me. On top of that, I have some personal dilemmas that also affect me.

Am I overthinking? Yes. Definitely. I am thinking too much and I’m already bordering to have a Messianic complex. And, I don’t like that. I need to let go. I need to lessen caring and ignore the glaring problems that I see.

My question now is how can I be happy. I know the problem and the root cause. I know what I want to achieve. The problem is getting there.

Possible Options:
1. Stop caring – don’t think too much of problems that you do not really own. If you are not the owner, push it to him and let go.
2. Say no – don’t get everything. If they say that I need to work it, challenge it with a big “Why?” Project Management is just managing the risks, issues and other constraints that can affect your project schedule, cost, and quality. Do you own fixing it? Most of the time, NO.
3. Just let go – don’t think of it anymore. Delete that stupid email that affects you and empty that recycle bin. History dictates that it will repeat again if there’s no concerted effort to stop it.

I should not be alone. I should be happy. I deserve it. Don’t you think? I think so. If you think otherwise, F you.


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