Preparing my move

Time flies so fast and I am very happy that it’s like that. I think most of my entries have been angry, disappointed, and downright depressing for the past few weeks and that’s because I really want to move on to 2011 and just plot down the next series of actions I need to do in order to achieve my plans.

I know an end goal I want to achieve, but I am still uncertain how to go about it. Maybe I really need to just put things into perspective and then go from there. I’ve been studying for a Project Management certification (something I am not sure if this will really be part of the plan, but I’m studying nevertheless) for the past few weeks and it’s pretty interesting to really see how you can apply these practices to your life. Is your life one big project? According to David Allen, it’s easier to think it so. Each goal you have is unique and it has a start and an end. You can further elaborate things as you go through life, and you factor in constraints, risks and issues. Sounds like one heck of a project where you are the Sponsor and Project Manager at the same time. I think that’s one of my key strengths and flaws, I’m too cerebral with these things that it’s a bit whacked out I think.

Once December goes in, things will be accelerating. Historically, the end of the year makes me think some more and I try to be more reflective to determine what I want to achieve in 2011 and start the ball rolling. If this is chess, I’m thinking out the strategy and I’m about to make my first move. I am clueless on how my opponent thinks. And, did I mention that I’m not really good with chess?

Oh boy, this is going to be an interesting.


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