Delayed Gratification

One of the horrors of this generation is the lack of delayed gratification. We’re so used to get things at the moment, and we are not used to waiting as much as before. We have faster modes of transportation and communication that it makes the world smaller, but it also means losing patience when we really need to wait.

I have always thought I am a patient person. Promise, I am. However, there are things that should be waited upon, or things that we can’t wait. I always write about how I strongly believe that life is linear is constant. Meaning — it goes forward at a steady pace. Even if you want it rushed or slowed down, it will not. If you want to hit pause or do a rewind, that’s also not possible. We are stuck in the structure of life. So, that becomes the dilemma — with time being constant and ever-forward, can I wait things out, or postpone things.

I feel conflicted. Very conflicted. Let’s see how it will be.


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