2010 Look back and 2011 Moving Forward

I’ve decided to split my year-ender into two sections. A 2010 Look Back to check what I wanted to happen this year and what really happened. The 2011 is to put down the high level goals that I want to achieve. One of my biggest misses this year is not applying the GTD method with my goals so I lose track of what I want to achieve and what tasks are needed to be done in order to achieve them. Something to correct in 2011 I guess.

Firstly – a 2010 lookback. I told myself in last year’s blog entry that it will be a year of change. I celebrated my 5th year in HP so it was definitely a milestone career-wise. Financially, it was a big hit and miss. The ROHQ announcement threw a big drag in my financial plans. From 15% to the graduated tax scheme made my spending power weaker and I had to rethink priorities I had. There were some wins along the way in the financial section, but at the end of the year, I looked at my books, it’s not enough to sustain a comfortable future.

Career-wise, it has been a roller coaster. Going into another account has been the most challenging endeavor I’ve experienced. It was a big shift in how I look at it things and there’s a different set of expectations from me as well. It was a challenge.

I had a lot of missed opportunities this year. I do not want to think anymore on the opportunity costs, but there were things that should have been done and there were things that should not happened. It was an eye-opening year for me. The lack of focus and direction this year attributed to being able to discover what is truly important and what I really want in my life. There were crap things, but there were good things. At the end of the year, what weighed more? I still think that it’s a bad year mainly because I felt a whole array of negative emotions this year. Something that I do not want to repeat again.

Moving forward in 2011. I don’t want to complicate 2011 — that’s something that I should really work hard on. Do not make it complicated and elaborate. For 2011, what I want to achieve are the following:
– a better gym plan.
– better relationships with old and new people in my life
Рtighter financial controls Рminimize eat outs and luho
– iron out my personal 2-year personal plan
– move out and be more independent

It’s going to be a first that I do not have career goals this year. I’ll take the blows as they come in that front and I just want to focus in the personal and financial aspects of my life. These two will be key for 2011 as they will be the drivers of changes that will happen. I always say that the incoming year will be uncertain. I want to put certainty and clearer plans for myself that will be able to easily adjust to the uncertainties. As Kathy would always say, you are a Project Manager, it should be an instinct.

Something I want to try as well, not to be too serious about things. Maybe if I take things in stride, it will just happen.


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