January 1

One of the few things I noticed about my 2010 was that I was not able to blog a lot of things. There are events that should have been blogged, one way or another (a photo essay perhaps?), but I cannot find them in my archives. Of course, it’s just being busy all the time and not finding the time to actually do it. Tough luck.

For 2011, I should exert more effort in blogging. Am I doing a daily blog? Perhaps not, but it will be more regular and more mundane. So, best way to start — today.

I am friggin’ sick. Ugh. I feel very horrible with a clogged nose, coughing/sneezing fits and a heavy head. The good side is that I was able to rest a lot for the past few days because all I did was sleep and let my body fight off the sickness. However, I’ll have to skip my Sunday gym schedule so I can rest. I even skipped a shopping trip with the_court. Perhaps another time. Or, maybe I can steal a quick mall trip?

It’s work again today. I can’t believe that it’s that quick. I think one big contributing factor is not being able to spend the 1st week of HP shutdown due to work. I don’t want to rant about that any further on this entry and I’ll just hope for its end soon. I can’t wait for that to happen.


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