Change is Gonna Come

I just thought of the Sam Cooke’s A Change Is Gonna Come. In some ways, we always clamor for positive changes in our lives. We’d want a promotion, an increase, or an opportunity that will stroke our peacock feathers. If the change is something good, we’d grab it and praise it. Some people will even say that they deserve it which is always debatable depending on who you’re talking to. What we do not see is that for every change, it means a series of changes as well.

Treat it as a simplified chaos theory. The initial condition changed, and it will bring about the changes in the succeeding actions, and decision paths. What we do not understand is that any change will lead to more changes that we cannot control and cannot foresee. It’s s risk that we’ll take and ultimately, the consequences will be something that we’ll have to own. The promotion is a good job level change, but going to the next level will mean a new set of expectations, and responsibilities that might blindside you. It’s something that chills me sometimes. Let me say it again, I’m very wary of changes, but we need it to in life. A good change will test your limits and see how much you can go. A bad change will test your resilience and adversary quotient as you weather that storm.

I said that 2011 is *the* year. Change will come. I’m scared shitless, but it should not stop me from doing changes in my life. Will it be good? I have no friggin’ idea. I’ll just have to wait and see then hopefully, I can quickly adjust.


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