Two Items


I got two *new* items today! The first one is something I purchased during the Black Friday sale in the US. I had it shipped to a friend and after almost a month, I was able to get it from her house (she’s back in the US already). It’s a 1 Terabyte external hard drive. I was able to buy this at 89.99 USD — it’s current price in Amazon is 119.99. I think it’s a good buy because it’s very, very small. I’m a bit wary of the color though because the scratches might be too evident. Oh well, it will serve it’s purpose! I still do not know what I will put in a 1-TB hard drive considering that I have not filled up my 320GB hard drive. Oh well, for sure I’ll find something to get. Also, I just hope it does not crash any time soon. If it does, that will suck.

The other purchase was something done spontaneously. I finished my gym class today and decided to treat myself with a Peanut Butter donut and a cup of coffee  – yeah, that’s not good for trying to lose weight. By the way, I’m 146lbs based on my weigh in earlier. I digress. I was munching my donut and thought of seeing The Green Hornet. I’ve been hearing nice reviews and I was a bit curious in Seth Rogen’s healthier look. He looks better! The movie started at 5PM and I discovered it at 5PM as well. So, no Seth Rogen for me. I packed up and window shopped.


I saw a green backpack a week ago and I wanted to see if it’s still there. At my first pass, it’s not there anymore! I checked around the area and when I decided to just go home,  I saw it with the mannequin. I stopped and asked for it. I inspected it to see if it’s nice enough. It was priced at PhP 1,495 and the salesman told me that it was the last piece! Oh no! My brain was not thinking so much so I just said, “Okay, I’ll get it.” So, now I have a new green backpack! When I was commuting home, I was trying to justify why I bought the damn bag. I had an epiphany! My other green backpack  that I got from Uniqlo has a tear! Purchase justified!



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