F**ckin’ Perfect

I am totally in love with this particular P!nk song, and the video totally blew me out of my mind. The video is extremely inspiring to believe in yourself and let who you are shine even if the world can be a cruel place. This is definitely a social rebellion of being “accepted” by the social norms, and just believe in who you are and put acceptance as a personal experience — starting from one’s self.

Going with this thread, a few nights ago, I had this mental debate if it’s good to change yourself for the sake of other people that you value — in other words, you want to be accepted by someone you love. It can be a very good friend, a boyfriend, or a family member. I’ve faced some situations where in I have to compromise a bit, in order to not cause any conflict with other people. We think, if this person knows about this tidbit about myself, will he still feel the same? Will they accept me for who I am? Does it justify to accept their preconceptions on what is proper/good/lovely and change yourself entirely to follow that cookie cutter mold? I’ve heard before that with love, you should compromise some of the things that you believe in because you love him/her. But, is changing who you are equates to compromising? It’s a tricky situation that I cannot give an absolute answer. I’ll go to the classic answer of “it depends”. I have “deal breakers” that should not be compromised because I believe in these values too much, but there are also some things I’m willing to let go just to be accepted.


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