Bits and Dits

From Danton Remoto: I tell them to read M. Scott Peck’s The Road Less Travelled. The book says that if love is only a feeling, then it can easily come and go, like the tides that rise and ebb. That’s why love takes the form of action, to be affirmed the days pass in a blaze of happiness – but also when the days are charcoal-gray.

I’ve finally finished my backlog in TV shows — not including 90210 where I have not watched a single episode of its 3rd season. I don’t know if I lost interest already, but I’ll probably give it another try especially with the gay angle with Teddy. I just need to stream/download it — all 13 episodes. Last week was quite good.

I got the best news so far. I’ve been writing it — 2011 is *the* year — and it’s shaping it to be that way. I’ve been trying to mentally picture it and I’ve been quite torn between expecting something that has not arrived (getting ready for one big disappointment), and visualizing something ala The Secret. No harm in being optimistic anymore. 2011 is the year I own it.

Rekindling friendships is cathartic. It connects you to people you’ve touched, and touched you. It grounds you to reality, and reaffirms your humanity driven by emotions both good and bad. It can be just a light chat over a nice lunch or dinner, a heart-to-heart talk about the most personal demons, or a buzz and lights fueled by alcohol.

You connect.
You touch.
You get touched.
You live.


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