How to be more approachable?

I asked a friend before what his first impression was of me. He answered, unapproachable at first, but you’re actually nice. It’s pretty disconcerting why some people think of me that way – I actually think I am a very friendly and nice person. Really.

Where did this come from? I talked to Ronald due to the wow circumstance of a friend meeting a stranger who became a friend. It’s a good plot for a romantic comedy. You’re in a vacation spot and you need to need to go to the airport to go back to Manila. Horror of horrors, there are limited cabs that will take you to the airport and a guy approached you to share the cab. You agree and you instantly build a connection. Sounds romantic, right?

That’s where my thoughts began to wander and I tried to remember if I was put in a situation of being friendly with random strangers I meet. There’s none! I don’t get approach frequently, except for old people asking for directions when I was in Hong Kong. That’s not the norm, or the norm I want to have. The typical boy-meets-girl-in-incredulous-situation movie plot was something unbelievable for me. But hearing it first hand from a friend (maybe nothing will come out of it) made me realize how possible it is!

Now, the problem statement remains: how do I become more approachable? Still open.


One thought on “How to be more approachable?

  1. Those sorts of opportunities come up more often than you may suspect :P A lot of times, we just pass them by without even noticing…

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