Some Some

I’ve been stuck in the wonderful world of work for the past few weeks or so and I think I’ve neglected my blog all together. Such a very unfortunate thing to happen. I can’t take the days back, so I’ll just move forward and do a massive recap.

And what’s been happening so far… absolutely nothing thrilling. Things have been calm. Too calm for my liking. I usually take the half glass empty view point here. It’s always easier to hear good news that you’re not expecting, versus being disappointed with bad news. There are things that have been moving (or I think it’s moving), but so far, nothing concrete yet.

The only earth-shattering event is the inevitable move to McKinley Hill where our new office resides. The commute is longer, and more expensive. The office is very nice though and I feel quite at home. It’s just easier if it’s closer to home, but that’s how it is.


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