Some stuff

It’s 2:36am and I still cannot sleep. I took a nap earlier because of the super tiring workout in Gold’s Gym. I haven’t done a 2-hour workout since months ago because the GGX room was not open and I did not want to use the Spinning Room. It was so small and cramped. So, no. Also, I haven’t done Hi-Lo because of the John/Dan combination. It’s very difficult to time it. Then, they turned it to Zumba. It was my first time to try it today, err, yesterday. It’s not really for me. I just can’t follow the choreography. And my hips are not coordinated so much. I still love Hi-Lo and Aero Step and I think I’m just going to stick to it.

So, my Saturday plans will be altered. my 2-3PM suddenly opened up! Let’s see.

On other news, I heard that this budding actor, AJ Perez passed away due to a vehicular accident. He’s 18! Oh so young. He’s also a Lasallian (from LSGH).


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