American Idol 10

I haven’t really blogged much about American Idol this season because they do not interest me at all. I felt that there’s some sort of disconnect between them and myself. I’m a Top 40 kind of person, and I just can’t imagine any of them to crack it, except Haley Reinhart or James Durbin. I just feel that they are stuck in their heads and hoping that everyone voting for them will actually translate to album sales. The wins of Taylor Hicks, Lee DyWyze and even Kris Allen prove otherwise.

I am not a big fan of country music at all and it’s probably a Scotty vs James finale. I dunno if Scotty has the fanbase to actually sustain his run, but he’s not getting anything from me. I’m rooting for Haley Reinhart. I think she has this distinct voice that sets her apart. I initially wrote her off because of the way she dresses. She reminded me of Haley Scarnato and her legs. Her performance of Rolling in the Deep blew me away. It’s not to the same level of Kris Allen’s Heartless, but it made me think twice. Hopefully, she can endure more in the competition!

PS: I hate Steven Tyler. He’s worthless there. J.Lo is OK. Randy is meeh. And I also dislike Jimmy Iovine. The arrogance! Swagger! Ugh.


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