Talent Shows

I am really excited about the X-Factor coming to America. I’ve been a fan of this talent show in the UK. I have no choice but to stream it only, but it’s worth it. The Voice is promising as well. I love the judges’ banters and the Blind Auditions were awesome. I’ll pick a favorite after the Battle Round is done. It’s difficult to judge with just one performance honestly. So, let’s see where this goes.

As a last note, American Idol has lost its steam. Last season was a snooze and this season isn’t doing well as well with Simon out of the picture. I think I blogged about it before that Steven Tyler is pretty much useful, and Randy is just Randy (this is not good). JLo gives good critiques sometimes but overall, they just praise the hell out of these contestants even if they suck really, really bad (case in point, Jacob Lusk). Also, they’re kinda inconsistent. Bah. I just want this season to end. Still rooting for Haley Reinhart. But with the way things are going, it’s gonna be a Scottie Idol win.


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