Another milestone for me — I passed my PMP certification exam earlier! What I realize is that it’s pretty difficult to go into study mode once you’ve been out of the academic circulation for years. The last time I studied extensively was when I took my SAP certification back in 2008. That was pretty difficult as well.

What’s notable about the experience is not the exam proper but the journey towards the examination place. It started around 9:30 AM when I woke up for this special day. Upon waking up, I grabbed a pen and jotted down all the formulas that I needed to remember. I started with CPI and SPI and then CV, SV, EAC, ETC, VAC and TPA. Then the sigma values (68.26, 95.46, 99.73, 99.9999985)! I was pretty confident about that one. I took a bath and did the arduous commute to the testing center (it was summer, and humid). I was still reviewing all the processes, inputs, tools and outputs while in the MRT! Yes, I’m a last minute reviewer – I review until the last minute if I can help it.

Anyway, I arrived in the testing center around 11:30. I thought I was pretty early considering that my examination should start at 1:00 PM. Ronald told me that there was an airconditioned canteen so I was ready to have lunch. But, when I entered the canteen. It was friggin’ warm. I won’t eat in there. I went out and then proceeded to the testing place. I told the lady there that I’ll be grabbing lunch first since my exam is 1:00 PM and what time was I expected to be there. She said 12:00 NN.

Oh. Crap.

I only ate a cube of Royce Strawberry Nama Chocolate (I love!) to perk me up! No lunch yet. The exam is roughly 3 hours. So, that can’t be. I told her that I’ll just grab a sandwich then. I hurriedly went to Starbucks (lifesaver!) and ordered a banana loaf and an Iced Caramel Macchiato. It was fully consumed after 10 minutes. That was lunch. Ho hum.

I went back to the testing site and waited to be called. I took the exam. I felt unprepared! There were questions that I was sooo unsure of. I had no choice but to wing it! And, I’d like to reiterate the experience of others — it’s nerve wracking. Especially the time when you press End. It will then ask you if you are sure that you want to end it! Oh my! Then the screen will be white for quite a few minutes. Then survey. Then another white screen. Then, congratulations! :)

I think it’s one of the best things that has happened to me so far. And I guess my mantra still holds true — 2011 is *the* year!


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