Steam bath and small talks

Earlier, when I went to the gym and used the steam bath, someone made small talk with me. I was caught off guard because no one has ever talked to me. Even if I knew the person, we’d just wave at each other and mind our own business. But there I was, in a corner in a steam bath, and a stranger talked to me. I am not entirely sure on his motive for doing such, but rest assured, nothing happened. We just talked a bit and he left.

That experience is just meant to direct me to a very important skill that I need to learn, and master — small talk. I’ve never been the chatty type of person especially with strangers. I tend to keep to my self and just be cerebral about things. Yes, there’s a tennis tournament of discussions in my head, but I do not vocalize them. It was a problem I had during one of the group simulation activities I had when I just shut up because I already got what I wanted.

I need to talk some more. I need to be able to connect with other people. I don’t know really how to jumpstart this and PLEASE, no suggestions of randomly talking to strangers. I know it’s the easiest route of developing “small talk”, but I’ll just feel weirded about what I’m doing and I’ll definitely be in an awkward position when dead air ensues.

I’ve tried reading more about the current events, sports and all of that. I try to be open to other cultures and ideas. Oh wait, my problem is really sustaining a conversation that will yield something.

How to sustain small talks? Now, that’s a toughie.


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