Singapore (2011)

I have not been to Singapore for the longest time. The last time I traveled here was in 2009 with Kathy and Mark. I think we stayed in the Marriott Hotel along Orchard Road then so we were really in the heart of things. This time, I traveled with my the_court friends. It’s our first time traveling together and it was certainly a revelation. Lesson learned: It does not mean that if you are good friends, you are also good travel companions. There were loads of “Is Frankie cranky?” games flying around! It’s funny in hindsight, but at the end of the trip, we’re still good friends so I think it was not really that bad.

Anyway, I think for this trip, the intent was to reconnect with friends on a different level (the_court) and rekindle a lot of relationships. It’s true what they say about good friends, even if you are separated by oceans and countries, and you have not seen each other for months or years, once you sit down together, it’s like everything is okay. It was an amazing experience that can never be encapsulated with words. It just makes you feel full of good emotions.

Here are some highlights of the trip:

  • False Start – Our Friday plans got ruined when our plane returned back to Manila. There was a funny smell of burning rubber when we were already an hour in the air. The captain decided to return and we had to move to a new plane. As tweeted, Cebu Pacific FAs look good!
  • Food – Singapore has all of my favorite food! I was able to eat Wee Nam Kee’s Chicken Rice, Delifrance’s Chocolate Eclairs, Din Tai Fung’s Xiao Long Bao, Marche (’nuff said) and Hooter’s as well! It was a nice gastronomic experience! Something I will truly miss!
  • Trisha – I was able to meet Trisha again! I was unable to attend her wedding a few months ago so it was great to see her and what a way to do that by shopping and dining with her!
  • Timoy and Sam – now this is long overdue. I have not met Timoy and Sam for YEARS! It was surreal to meet them again like we were back in high school where we did not care what others think and we just had fun. And yes, we had fun. :-)
  • HP Friends – I was able to meet up with some HP friends in Singapore. It’s a pity that I was unable to meet everyone coz I really wanted to be able to reconnect with people especially with the next chapter of my life is fast approaching. It’s fun to chit chat again with Majel, AR, Aileen, Barbs and Danuel!
  • GSS – it’s the start of the Great Singapore Sale. It was still starting so the sales were not so amazing yet. However, there’s Uniqlo and I had an amazing time there!
  • Zirca and Taboo – What happens there, stays in there! FUN.

I did not have much pictures for this trip. I already sold my S90 to Ralph, and I was too lazy to use my old DSLR. Totally my fault. Oh well, maybe next time.

On a personal note, it’s the first time that I felt heavily emotional. Going to Singapore could have been my future. It was like seeing a glimpse of my life if I move to Singapore. All the fun times I had with my really good friends. Be it dining out, chit-chatting or partying until 3:00 am. It’s all there! All I am thinking now is that growing older feels like shit. Sometimes, it’s not choosing what you think is best now, but what is best in the long run. But, for now, thank you Singapore for showing me a great time. I’ll see you soon!


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