There is still hope for humanity after all. Yesterday, I misplaced my mobile phone. It’s stupid of me for not being careful enough with my things. It  slid out of my pocket while I was exiting the shuttle to the office. I felt a wave of panic while I tried to contact my mobile phone using my other mobile — I have a Nokia e71 and the office phone; I lost the Nokia e71. I did not want to get a new mobile given the circumstance I’m in. The last thing I need is another unnecessary cost!

Anyway, I tried contacting my mobile. I sent text messages and also tried calling. All calls failed. Either there was no answer, or it just gets rejected out right. There was also no text message replies, until I tried to beg to return the phone. He replied asking where I was and to meet him in McDonald’s. I met him and returned the  mobile phone to me. I gave him a reward for his honesty because (1) he deserves it, and (2) it’s cheaper than getting a new phone. I cannot survive with a non-QWERTY phone anymore so if the phone was really lost, I would have bought a new phone (most likely, a BB).

I guess that’s proof of people being kind and honest. Personally, I’d still be skeptical and lean towards the negative side so when it comes true, the blow isn’t too powerful since it was expected. And good things like this would be a very nice surprise.


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