I felt so tired last week. The fatigue caught up and I ended up sleeping at 12am, a personal record of sorts since I have not been sleeping at a decent time. Well, except if you think that 4am is a decent sleep time. However, it’s part of change I guess. It’s bound that I have to stretch myself more than the usual.

Last Saturday was fun! I was able to eat at Kagura with some PD friends! I haven’t eaten okonomiyaki for ages so it’s always good to find great company who’s willing to eat there. I wonder if there’s okonomiyaki in Graetersland. Trade offs. Afterwards, we played some bowling in Makati Cinema Square. It felt like I was sucked into a time space warp! It was so 80s! The smell was also old! But of course we wanted to play bowling so we cannot be choosy. First game was good but the 2nd game was meh. I came a long way though. I remember the 1st time I played bowling in the old Green Hills Greenlanes and my score was 30 or 40!

Then it was to Eastwood to watch Temptation Island with Dabuzz. The movie was really like the original version! I felt that the Chris Martinez could have made more liberties in adding his humor. ZsaZsa Zaturrnah is a hilarious piece! There are gems and misses but I’d still prefer the original. Even if I was really tired already, Rose, Rain, Jollo and I went to Mercato. It’s my first time to go to the weekend version! It’s pretty much the same with a different set of crowd. It’s better I think. Haha!

That Saturday was a blast. It’s some of the very few precious things that I will miss. Great company is very difficult to find. A big part of me hopes that I find something similar in Graetersland. It’s also something I dread but it is something I need to do. Let’s see!


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