Those Ads

Yes, I actually liked those ads along the Guadalupe Bridge. It was effective advertising because it did its job properly – have a product recall on Bench underwear and also the Philippine Volcanoes, the Philippine National Rugby Team. However, some mayors have different ideas and decided to remove them because it offends their moral sensibilities. And, now, the government is removing all ads that can offend a conservative.

Policies like this make me want to get the hell out of the Philippines. It sets us backward. I just do not understand why a person wearing underwear or “sexy” become offensive. I don’t see anything pornographic about it. There was no sexual act being suggested. It’s just a hot guy wearing underwear.

So to be consistent, the government should also:
– remove all “sexy” print ads in all malls stores – Bench, Penshoppe, Hanford, Dickies, etc
– remove all “sexy” TV ads – Fit N Right, Century Tuna
– remove all “sexy” movie posters – Temptation Island
– remove all “sexy” TV shows – Sisid, Willtime Bigtime dancers (or cover them), EB Babes dancers (or cover them), almost all US TV shows
– ban underwear fashion shows
– ban all beachwear in public – you need to be fully clothed in beaches so you can not be construed as “sexy” and “immoral”
– be an anti-RH bill proponent – we should not educate our children with “sexy” topics because it is “immoral”.
– install the Cardinal as the head of state because that’s the only moral thing to do. The Cardinal can never be “sexy”. On second thought, PNoy is not “sexy”. He can stay.
– institutionalize burka to be worn by all women to prevent “sexiness”


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